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We have multiple motor coaches who make intercity transportation between the towns of St-Isidore, Casselman, Crysler, Finch, Limoges, Embrun, Russell and the Ottawa-Gatineau region.

With the 417 Bus Line Commuter Services, we do everything we can to make your daily commute more enjoyable.

417 / Highway 17 Gridlock

The possibilities are good that traffic comes to a standstill at the 417 / 17 split. If that happens, all 417 Bus Line Bus Operators have been authorized to access the Transitway via Blair Station.

Our job is to get you to work and not sit in a traffic jam


Bus arrival times may vary from schedules due to traffic, weather or unforeseen circumstances. Vehicle allotment is based on availability.


Monthly passes guarantee a ride, while 10 ride booklets and single fare tickets will be accepted only when seating is available.

If you have any questions related to Charter & Bus Rentals, please send an email to